Rice 7 – Let’s Go Fairtrade – English

This lesson allows the children to think about how they would help advertise a new Fairtrade shop.

Curriculum links: English, ICT, Art & Design.

Learning Objective: To use persuasive language.
Learning Outcome: To use persuasive language and reasoning to encourage people to buy Fair trade.

Resources needed: Paper, art materials, Traidcraft website, publicity or catalogue, Agrocel producer stories, Green Net producer stories.

Starter: Ask class to imagine a new Fairtrade shop is opening nearby. In pairs pupils think of different types of advertising which they’ve found particularly effective (e.g. television adverts, newspapers, bill boards, leaflets) Why were they effective? (e.g. bright colours, clear text, interesting information). If possible explore the Traidcraft website and publicity for ideas (www.traidcraft.co.uk)

Main activity: Explain that the class will be designing leaflets to persuade local residents to buy their rice from the Fairtrade shop. Discuss the type of language they will be using and the information they need to put on it. Brainstorn ideas for persuading somebody to do something – how would you persuade me to eat my lunch outside? What would you say? What would make me do it? Pupils decide on their target audience and plan their design using information from the producer stories.

Plenary: Challenge pupils to think of how they could explain Fairtrade to an alien who has just landed from outer space in only one or two minutes.

If there is time, some groups may want to look at different types of advertising for Fairtrade or even carry out the Make your Mark activity, exploring the Fairtrade Mark.