Rice 6 – Fairtrade Karma – RE

This lesson explores how Fairtrade ideals are represented in Hindu beliefs.

Curriculum links: KS2 Religious Studies

Learning Objective: To make links between ideas and beliefs.
Learning Outcome: Children have considered how Fairtrade ideals are represented in Hindu beliefs.Resources needed: Fairtrade Beliefs: Hinduism KS2 worksheet.

Starter: Ask the class to write down what they consider to be the main aspects of Fairtrade. Who does it help? How does it help? Why does it help? In pairs, pupils identify the ideals represented by Fairtrade (e.g. equality, fairness, sharing of wealth) Explain that they are going to explore how these ideals are represented in Hindu beliefs.

Main activity: Go through the worksheet with the class, discussing the concepts of Dharma and Karma and the ways in which they link to the ideals of Fairtrade. Pupils then answer the questions.

Plenary: Ask students to write an acrostic poem using the words KARMA, FAIRTRADE or DHARMA. Each letter should be used as the beginning of a word or phrase to do with Fairtrade.

If possible, you may wish to visit a mosque in your local town or invite representatives from a local Indian Community Association to visit the school. What are their views on and experiences of Fairtrade?