Rice 3 – The Agrocel Committee – Geography

In this lesson the children think about different roles in society and explore the Fairtrade Premium Committee’s role.

Curriculum links: Geography, Art and Design, ICT
Learning Objective: To understand what role they play in society. To understand what their responsibilities are.
Learning Outcome: Children understand what a Fairtrade premium committee is and how it works.

Resources needed: Agrocel producer stories

Starter: Ask the class for examples of groups of people which make decisions in the school, in the area or in the country. These could include the school council, the Board of Governors or the Parliament. What role do they have? What are their responsibilities?

Main Activity: Remind the class what the Fairtrade premium is and how it works. Ask the class why they think producer groups like Agrocel have premium committees to distribute the money they receive from Fairtrade.

Who do the pupils think influences change in their local community? (e.g. MP, council) What are their responsibilities?

Split the class into groups of 4. Groups discuss what change that they would like to make if they had a Fairtrade premium to spend in their local community and then present their ideas to the class.

Groups come up with ideas of what the Agrocel premium committee has spent the Fairtrade premium on. They then read the Agrocel producer stories. Were they correct? Are there any similarities between Agrocel’s decisions and the pupils’ ideas for their local community?

Plenary: In pairs pupils write one piece of advice to a member of a new premium committee in India or Thailand.

Some groups may want to continue the activity by writing letters to their local council outlining their ideas of the changes they would make in the community if they had the opportunity.