Rice 11 – Life is Like… – RE

In this lesson the class uses similes to compare their lives in the UK and the lives of Fairtrade producers in India.

Curriculum links: Religious Studies, Geography,English

Learning Objective: To explore the similarities between people’s lives in the UK and India.
Learning Outcome: Children have compared living in the UK and India and can comment on the similarities and differences between living in these places.

Resources needed: A3 paper and 3 coloured pens/pencils, Agrocel producer stories: Subash Chand, Dharam Ram, Dalbir Singh.

Starter: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,’ (Forest Gump 1994)

Write the Forest Gump quote on the board and ask the class what they think it means. Is life exciting? Scary? Do they agree with it?

Main activity: How would the class describe their lives? In groups pupils use one colour to write all the different ways of describing their lives they can, creating a ‘word shower’.

What do pupils think life is like for Agrocel Fairtrade farmers in India? Elicit some ideas and then read the 3 producer stories.

Using a different colour, groups add words that describe the Agrocel farmers’ lives to their word showers. Are they surprised by anything? What are the similarities between the lives of the pupils and lives of the rice producers?

Using a different colour groups think of different objects and add them to the word shower
e.g. wheel, see-saw, football, boomerang, television, book, picture etc.

In groups pupils think of their own ‘Life is like…’ phrases using the information they’ve gathered in their word shower.

Life is like a see-saw, full of ups and downs
Life is like a boomerang, things just keep coming back to haunt you.

Can the class think of anything which describe different religions they have studied? For example, Buddhists believe that there is a ‘wheel of life’ which contains different phases we all have to go through:
Life is like a wheel, it just keeps going round.

Plenary: Draw a big box of chocolates on the board. Pupils use post-it notes to write their favourite examples of their ‘life is like…’ phrases and stick them onto the box.