Rice 10 – Our Fairtrade Community – English

In this lesson the children explore how they could promote Fairtrade in their community.

Curriculum links: KS2 English

Learning Objective: To generate ideas and think creatively.

Learning Outcome: Children have explored how we can promote Fairtrade in our community.

Resources needed: Agrocel producer stories and Green Net producer stories.

Starter: Ask the class to read/listen to a selection of Agrocel and Green Net producer stories. In groups they complete the sentence ‘Fairtrade is important because….’

Main activity: What do we mean by a ‘community’? Ask pupils who is in their school community (e.g. students, parents, governors). How about your wider community?

Discuss with the class the ways in which Fairtrade links your school and local community with Agrocel and Green Net rice producers (e.g. a two-way relationship, we buy Fairtrade rice and money is then invested back into the producers’ communities).

Explain that the class is going to explore the ways they can promote Fairtrade in their communities. Draw a grid on the board with 3 columns and the headings:

• How do we support Fairtrade in our community? (e.g. Fairtrade tuck shop, Fairtrade award, convince parents/ friends to buy Fairtrade)
• What would help us to support Fairtrade? (e.g. knowing more about it)
• Who could help us to support Fairtrade? (e.g. the headteacher, board of governors, parents)

In groups pupils think of ideas to complete the grid. Either individually/in groups/as a class the pupils choose an action to take to promote Fairtrade.

Plenary: Pupils complete the sentence stems with their own ideas:
‘Community is important because…’
‘Fair trade is important because…’