Rice 1 – Dharam’s Diary – English

In this lesson the children write a diary entry of a member of Agrocel’s Premium Commitee.

Curriculum links: CA2 English, Literacy
Learning Objective: To know the features of a diary entry.
Learning Outcome: To write the diary entry of a member of Agrocel’s Premium Committee.

Resources needed : Agrocel producer stories (Dharam Pal’s Story), The Fairtrade premium cartoon sheet, Fairtrade premium teachers’ notes if necessary.

Starter: Ask the class what the Fairtrade premium is; if applicable use The Fairtrade premium cartoon sheet to explain how it works. Why is it important to communities?

Main activity: In pairs pupils read or listen to Dharam’s story and write down examples of the ways Fairtrade and Agrocel have made a difference to him and his family e.g. his children receive a better education, organic rice is healthier, has a better house and healthier food, gets seeds and machinery from Agrocel etc. Explain that they are going to write Dharam’s diary entry after a premium committee meeting and plan with the class the different things they can include as well as some sentence starters for them to use e.g: • Dear Diary, today I went to an Agrocel premium committee Meeting. We decided…..
• Fairtrade has been very important to my family because…..
• In the future I would like to….
Plenary: Write 3-5 statements related to the content of the lesson e.g. The premium is important because some money from each product sold is given back to producers in the developing world. Draw/mark a line in the classroom or playground. One end of the line is the “totally agree” end, the opposite end is the “absolutely disagree” end. The middle of the line is a neutral area. Ask students to stand at a place on the line which represents how they feel about each statement.