Honey and Blueberries 7 – Sweet or Sour? The Honey Farmer Board Game – Geography

In this lesson the class plays a board game based on the life of a honey farmer.

Curriculum Links: KS2 Geography, English.
Learning Objective: To take turns when playing a game.
Learning Outcome: Children have considered the challenges faced by bee farmers in Chile.

Resources Needed: 1 copy of the board for each group, playing pieces, coins to use as dice; Chile country profile, Apicoop producer group profile.

Starter: Using the Apicoop producer group profile, tell the class about Apicoop, a beekeeping co-operative in Chile who provide Fairtrade honey and dried blueberries to Traidcraft. Discuss what challenges there might be for farmers and any possible solutions the class can think of.

Main Activity: In groups class plays the Sweet or Sour board game. Some groups could also go on to write a report for a newspaper about the challenges faced by honey farmers in Chile. Some groups may also want to use the blank board game template and decorate it.

Plenary: What did the children learn from playing the game? Does anything about the lives of bee farmers surprise them?