Honey and Blueberries 3 – Fairtrade Slogan – English

In this lesson, the class thinks of advertising slogans for different Fairtrade products.

Curriculum Links: KS2 English, Art & Design.
Learning Objective: To design a Fairtrade slogan for Apicoop honey and dried blueberry products.
Learning Outcome: Children have designed a Fairtrade slogan using imaginative and persuasive language.

Resources Needed: Apicoop Stories: Chino Henriques and photo, Guido Guenupan and Sonia Chicao; Photos of Apicoop honey and Mixed Berry Geobar, plain paper and art materials.

Starter: In pairs pupils think of different advertising slogans which they think are particularly effective. Discuss as a class the reasons they are effective. Below are some examples (these will alter depending on the age/level of the class).

• They are memorable
• They rhyme
• They use strong adjectives
• They have rhythm
• They use repetition
• They use alliteration

Main Activity: Either read an Apicoop producer story to the class or divide pupils into groups and distribute producer stories. Ask pupils to identify why Fairtrade is important to Apicoop producers.

Distribute either a photo of Apicoop honey or the Mixed Berry Geobar to each group. In their groups pupils think of

• Different words to describe the product
• Different words to describe Fairtrade

Groups think of different advertising slogans for their product using some of the techniques they identified as effective at the beginning of the activity like alliteration or repetition. Pupils choose their favourite slogan and design an advert. More able groups could develop advertising slogans for other Fairtrade commodities as well. Go to www.traidcraftshop.co.uk to look for products.

Plenary: Using the success criteria pupils swap their advertisements and undertake peer review. This can be extended into group or class review of the adverts.