Honey and Blueberries 11 – Fair Trade Sound Picture – Music

In this lesson the class composes a piece of music based on photographs of Apicoop (Fairtrade producer group in Chile)

Curriculum Links: KS2 Music
Learning Objective: To compose a piece of music using photos of Apicoop as a stimulus.
Learning Outcome: Children have composed a piece of music and understood what is happening in the photos.

Resources Needed: Tuned and untuned percussion instruments, a large space, Apicoop photo set.
Starter: Using one of the photos as a stimulus the class looks carefully at the detail.
• What is happening in the photo?
• What sounds would they be able to hear if they were in the picture? Make a list (e.g. the wind, the sound of tractors, people talking and laughing, bees buzzing etc.)
• What instruments or body sounds could be used to create these sounds?

Remind children about the different elements in music: timbre, pitch, tempo, duration, dynamics, timbre.

Main Activity: In groups, using instruments or body sounds create a “sound picture” reflecting what is happening in the photo.

The groups perform for the rest of the class, explaining what they did and why. Record if possible.

Alternatively provide a different photo for each group and the class has to guess which photo is being performed.

Apicoop Photos
1. Preparing the soil in the blueberry field
In 2005 Apicoop bought 21 hectares of land with the intention of using it to grow an alternative crop to the honey the majority of its members farmed. Up to 70% of farmers income can be dependent on bees which can cause problems if there is a bad year. In 2007 Apicoop began preparing the field for the first blueberry plants to be put in.

2. Working at the hives
Apicoop is the biggest beekeeping co-operative in Chile and has been providing Fairtrade honey to Traidcraft for 18 years. The Fairtrade premium has meant that Apicoop has been able to provide training, equipment and loans to its members, allowing producers to expand their hives and make more money.

3. Planting the bushes
Apicoop was able to buy the blueberry bushes from one of its members because Traidcraft gave them a grant. They are also using the Fairtrade premium to pay for the land. Not only will the blueberry fields mean that Apicoop is not so dependent on honey, they will also provide work opportunities for the community, especially for women. It is a long term investment though. The blueberry bushes were not harvested for another 3 years.

4. Guido and Sonia at hives
Beekeepers have to wear special protective clothing while they tend their hives. They also use smoke to deter the bees while they collect the honey.

For further information on Apicoop, Chile or honey and blueberries please look at the Apicoop producer group profile, The honey and blueberries commodity profiles or the Chile country factsheet.

Plenary: Split students into groups and give each group a copy of the photo you used at the start of the activity. Ask them to “step into the photo” and discuss what the people are thinking, how they are feeling and what they are going to do next.