Fair Do’s is proud to be involved with the work of educating young fair traders in local schools. We are passionate about the message of fair trade reaching the younger generations and offer several services to teachers and pupils in order for this to happen.

Many groups from local schools take advantage of our sale or return service. They take our stock to their events or assemblies to sell and introduce their peers to the wide range of fair trade foods and crafts on offer.

We also welcome small groups of pupils with their teacher for a tour of the shop and stock room. During this tour, any questions about the shop and about fair trade in general can be answered, and the pupils take part in various activities to help broaden their knowledge of fair trade.

From 2019, with thanks to Wales for Africa for grant funding.

During 2019 we have been able to create new resources for schools, including a Powerpoint( assembly-1-1 ) for an assembly with notes to help you if you want them.

The fair trade shopping list is a game of anagrams to demonstrate the wide range of items available through fair trade in UK. We have two versions, one with letters only and one with pictures as well to help younger or less able pupils.

Where does chocolate come from is a Fairtrade Foundation PowerPoint resource. Here is an example of a way it can be used with children of different ages, including chocolate tasting, if appropriate, instructions and printable resources .


Other resources for schools

Fair Do’s has several resources for schools including DVDs, books and posters that can be lent out to schools. Click here to see the list.

Try our  on line game with information about some of the products we sell.

We can also put schools in touch with people who can give talks in English or Welsh. We work in conjunction with Traidcraft to make resources on fair trade accessible to schools.

These resources are reproduced with thanks to Traidcraft.

Visit www.traidcraftschools.co.uk for more resources and ideas.

English – Honey and Blueberries
English – Rice

Fair Trade Wales have a number of resources in English and Welsh, for primary and secondary pupils on Chocolate, Bananas, Cotton and Footballs.

Click here to see their resources.

FP – KS2


Find your way through fair trade Simple introduction to FT for Primary schools.

Only available in English but most of it is picture based and could be used in English or Welsh.



IF Campaign (about food not specifically fair trade)

Enough food for everyone IF

Christian Aid – all available in English and Welsh

Busy bees: harvest assembly and activities – Assembly with classroom activities, lesson plan and quiz.

Celebrate harvest with us! (English and Welsh) – – Assembly with classroom activities

Fair in 2014: February 2014 assembly and presentation – Assembly

Fair’s fair (English and Welsh) – – Assembly

Fed up – assembly and classroom resources – – Assembly with classroom activities

Is it fair?: Fairtrade Fortnight – Assembly

Standing up for justice: Fairtrade and tax – Assembly

Think fair for trade: February 2013 assembly and presentation  – Assembly




Go Bananas

Only in English but includes pictures and activities.


Christian Aid All available in English and Welsh

A taxing issue: Fairtrade and tax – age 11-14 – Assembly

Celebrate harvest with us! (English and Welsh) – age 11-14 /- Assembly with classroom activities

Divine Fairtrade: February 2013 assembly and presentation – age 11-14 – Assembly

Fair trade a-go-go (English and Welsh) – age 11-14 – Assembly

Food for thought (English and Welsh) – age 11-14 – Assembly

Football (English and Welsh) – age Youth group (11-18) – Instant session

Hunger in a world of plenty – assembly and classroom resources – age 11-14 – Assembly with classroom activities

Sweet and sour: harvest assembly and activities – age 11-14 – Assembly with classroom activities

That’s not fair!: Fairtrade fortnight 2011 – age 11-14 – Assembly



Trading Games – instruction in English only but games could be carried out in any language.

The Chocolate Trade Game – age 9+ / Youth group (11-18) – Simulation games

The Trading Game – age 13+ / Youth group (11-18) – Simulation games