Fair Trade

We live in a global society where our every action impacts on hundreds, thousands and millions of people. Through an act as simple as shopping you make a real difference to people’s lives. Choosing fair trade means your effect on people across the world is positive.

Fair trade is important because it provides the best deal for both producers and consumers. Better working conditions and wages offer producers dignity and a better way of life for themselves, their families and their communities. We believe that treating producers with respect, and paying a fair price for a product, results in a superior product that is not necessarily more expensive than an unfairly-traded product.

Fair Do’s is committed to sustainable relationships with producer groups. We are proud members of local fair trade organisations. We aim to minimise our environmental impact as a business. And we endeavour to provide a first class, personal service to our customers.

We believe in putting people first – our suppliers, our fantastic staff and volunteers, our sale-and-return representatives and our customers.

You can buy in confidence from Fair Do’s. We are accredited by the British Association of Fair Trade Shops, and the vast majority of our suppliers have similar accreditation. We are a limited company, not a charity, because we believe that fair trade can operate competitively, delivering high quality products at affordable prices, while retaining the value of the human beings involved in the economic process. We operate along the lines of a social enterprise, and all profits are reinvested in the company.

If you would like to know more about fair trade, then we would love to talk to you in the shop. Or phone or email us (click on the ‘contact us’ button of the site)