Rubber Gloves from Sri Lanka

 dpl newspapaers Firstlight project, a Sri Lankan organisation that promotes fair trade ethics and ensures rubber producers are paid a fair price.
A project that empowers smallholder rubber farmers has resulted in the production of the world’s first ‘Fair Trade’ rubber gloves by Sri Lanka’s Dipped Products PLC (DPL). Where in the world is Sri Lanka?Sri_Lanka_in_the_world


dpl tankerlatexfarmer The rubber used to make these gloves is harvested by Sri Lankan farmers who work with the Firstlight project. ‘Firstlight,’ pays rubber latex farmers a fair price, offers them technical assistance, materials and help in community development. This initiative benefits 500 smallholder farmers and their families and accounts for 30 % of the total latex needs of the glove making company. The worlds’ first fair trade rubber gloves are now reaching many countries including the UK through Traidcraft.For every pair of fair trade gloves sold the company contributes to the Firstlight Foundation for projects that empower smallholders in their work and day-to-day lives.Through this scheme about 2% of Sri Lanka’s rubber production is fairly traded.You can find out more about Firstlight here.
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