Micheal’s vegetable cleaner

 P A natural alternative to plastic for vegetable cleaning.
In the Philippines, luffas (or loofahs), have been used as washing up scourers for generations. Continuing this tradition, Michael’s Luffas are grown on organic principles on his parent’s farm for this purpose. phillipinesWhere in the world is the Philippines?
 220px-Luffa_aegypticaimages of loofah Loofahs grow a bit like cucumbers, they can even be eaten before they ripen. As they ripen they develope fibres and then they are peeled to reveal the usable part. Loofahs are perfect for cleaning the surface of muddy root vegetables. They soften in water and quickly remove soil without harming the vegetable. Loofahs are durable and will last for months, but at the end of their life will biodegrade completely in the compost. After use, rinse clean, squeeze out excess moisture and hang to dry from its string loop- its airy natural structure will dry out quickly.

  • Fairly traded
  • Petro chemical free
  • Ethical and handmade
  • Biodegradable


 DSC_2231 Luffa Peel 2  mayan-loofah

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