Mala bags from Madagascar


 malabags12345678 Madagascar is a truly unique place. It is an island off the south-east coast of Africa, whose people come from southern Asia and from mainland Africa.
Madagascar has maintained a unique eco-system and habitat for wildlife – the most famous of which are the Lemurs.

The island suffers from regular cyclones, and from political tension.

Where in the world is Madagascar?



This is one of the world’s poorest countries, where it can be struggle for people to make a living. Among the natural resources that are available are the giant palm trees which provide fibres. One of these is the raffia palm whose giant leaves are used to make a strong raffia fibre.

This vibrant mix of Asian and African cultures has produced colourful arts and handicrafts. These colourful bags hand woven from raffia are a good example. They are imported by Cadwyn Gifts who are working with a number of enterprises that are involved in reforestation and the promotion of the local economy and protection of the habitat of wildlife.

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