Elephant Dung Paper from Sri Lanka


 Eco Maximus

By buying this product you are helping improve the outlook for the majestic elephants of Sri Lanka.

Maximus work with the Millennium Elephant Foundation who are working to resolve conflicts between elephants and local communities.


Elephant dung paper is the ultimate in recycling – it’s made up of 75% dung and 25% recycled paper, with the elephants in charge of the pulping process of paper-making as they digest their food!

Maximus pay villagers to collect the elephant dung to make the paper, which shows local economies can have positive relationships with elephants.

 Where in world is Sri Lanka?



These charming elephant dung colouring books illustrate the story, over 14 pages, of the making of elephant dung paper and how Maximus are trying to help the locals live in harmony with the elephants.


All the elephant dung paper used in the colouring books is acid-free and handmade at the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust in Sri Lanka.


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