A new Deputy Manager for Fair Do’s

If you were following our news last year, you would have seen that we have been attempting to hire a new Deputy Manager for some time, but as with everything… Covid got in the way! But we are very pleased to announce that we have finally hired one! Sarah Naylor has just joined our team, and we are so excited for this new chapter of Fair Do’s. Of course, having joined during this pandemic, Sarah isn’t exactly seeing the business as it usually is, and we’re all learning every day as the guidance changes so we thank her very much for taking on this role and being willing to learn and adapt.

We asked Sarah to tell us a bit about herself so you could start to get to know her, and we hope you’ll see her in the shop very soon…

Sarah writes…

“Hello fair trade fans! I’m really excited to be joining the fantastic team who keep Fair Do’s / Siopa Teg stocked with all those wonderful goodies you all love. I’m a particularly big fan of coffee and chocolate myself so I’m excited to have a job which supplies those cravings! 

 I grew up in Cardiff and have a real love for the city. There are so many close knit communities here, many of which are working towards some wonderful causes and enriching people’s lives. Its a home I’m proud of and its fantastic to be working with such a friendly group of people who provide a fair trade place to shop. I’m really enjoying being welcomed into a team who believe in what they’re doing and who are all pursuing kindness and fairness in the world. 

 For the last 5 years I’ve been working as a portrait photographer, under the name Sarah Lois Photography. I spent most of my time meeting local families out in the  woods, parks and beaches in the area and having a huge amount of fun while capturing beautiful memories for them. When I’m not working, I usually love to travel and explore the world but, of course, this year not much of that has happened! With all the sunshine we had at the beginning of last year and being in lockdown at home, I got into gardening; growing vegetables and fruit in the warm sunshine with my little old dog, Pippin. My gardening obsession has started to get out of control by the beginning of this year and I even took things a step further and bought a small flock of quails for eggs! It’s been lots of fun and my nephews and niece have been very excited to be involved with it all too.  

I’m really looking forward to getting to know the customers, staff and volunteers at Fair Do’s and its a real joy to be a part of something which can make such a difference to the world.”

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