A new experience that changed my life…

Hiya everyone, my name is Margherita. I’m a nineteen year old student and I’m Italian. I’m here in Wales to do a work experience for my school and I choose Fair Do’s.
I’m very happy with this choice because I discovered the true meaning of Fairtrade.
I know that Wales is the first country in the world to become fairtrade. In Italy especially in our province there aren’t so many fairtrade shops, maybe two or three and they don’t have a wide range of products like Fair Do’s. For example, in Italy we don’t have so many products like foods, snacks and beverages, mostly we have hand made products ranging from wooden plates, blankets, hats, gloves…

In this two weeks I have often asked myself the same question: “How can this may help my future career?”
for example giving me more confidence in what I can do. It is an important experience because you are in contact with people who don’t speak you own language, sometimes it is difficult, but it will help you to believe more in your abilities.

Thanks to this experience, I have improved my English and learning new and different things from those that are my daily life, and it’s always something more to add to my curriculum.

I would like to thank all the Fair Do’s staff for having welcomed me and advised me to the best of it.


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