Summer 2017 Customer Newsletter

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Dear friends,

The summer holidays are here (for some of us!) and we hope you are enjoying them! If you’re not on holiday during the next few weeks, don’t despair! Read about our summer sale at the end of this newsletter and that’s sure to put a smile on your face!

With our thanks as always for supporting us,
From all at Fair Do’s

What we’ve been up to..

We’ve had a very busy few months at Fair Do’s! Two big highlights have been celebrating 20 years as an independent business, and taking part in the Great Get Together in Canton along with other local businesses. If you missed our blog post about these events, you can read it here. It was wonderful to celebrate these two significant events with long-time friends and supporters of Fair Do’s, as well as lots of our lovely customers and even some of the local political elite!

Image courtesy of Kevin Brennan MP on Twitter

Thank you to all who attended and helped make these events a great success!

We have also held stalls at two fantastic local events this month – Tafwyl, Cardiff’s Welsh Arts and Culture festival, and the Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival. Having the chance to put fair trade at the forefront of these vibrant and successful local events has been wonderful and we hope it will encourage more people to shop local and shop fair trade!

Summertime specials

The Welsh weather hasn’t quite been co-operating of late but we’re hopeful for the sun to make a return soon! We have lots of lovely summer products in the shop, including the genius compost blocks from Traidcraft (See our facebook post here with beautiful pictures of their results)

We also have these lovely picnic sets made from camel bone, for adding a unique touch to your picnics!

And for when the sun really comes out again, beautiful sarongs from India!

Summer Sale!

Our annual summer sale will start in the last week of August! We hope you can pop in to have a look at some lovely discounted items. Clothing and crafts are always very popular and sell quickly so don’t wait! We have some lovely pieces to offer so we hope to see you soon.

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