Are you looking for an inspiring speaker for your church or community group?


We have a great opportunity to offer! For a limited time, we have an outreach worker who can come and share findings of a recent study into how we in Wales are supporting communities across Africa through purchasing fair trade goods. With thanks to Welsh Government funding, Aled Pickard, or a Volunteer Speaker, can visit your church to speak at a service or group meeting about fair trade and how we’re transforming the lives of people living in Africa.

Did you know that 55 people drinking one cup of fair trade coffee a day could sustain an average coffee farmer in Uganda? Or that buying two greeting cards could help feed a family in Rwanda? These are just some of the findings of the research that we’re sure all will find fascinating.

If you would like Aled, or a Volunteer Speaker, to visit your church, please email aled@fairdos.com to make a booking.

“You may not think of the impact you’re having. Your shopping has made a lot of changes for the children of Kenya and it’s greatly appreciated.” These are the words of Leah Mitula, founder of Denur Crafts in Kenya. Fair trade is having an impact. Email Aled to find out more.

If you think you have what it takes to deliver a presentation on this research as a volunteer speaker with us, we’d love to hear from you too!


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