Glorious Food

We love good food! And at Fair Do’s, the food doesn’t just taste good – it IS good! Everything you buy from us is fair trade and ethically-produced so it’s good for the workers, and for our taste buds.

We’ve recently been adding lots of new tasty products to our stock including delicious mustards, hot sauces and dried fruit. My husband and I recently hosted a little tasting evening at Fair Do’s for our church group and we really enjoyed creating dips from the various herbs and olive oils available at the shop.


We always love to hear from our followers on Twitter and Facebook – recently we’ve really enjoyed seeing the different dishes one of our customers has made with her Palestinian Freekeh (a smoked wheat grain) – show us a pic if you plan on being creative in the kitchen!


Many of our products are really versatile so be brave and try something new today!

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