February news

Valentine’s Day

We have lots of beautiful gifts and cards in the shop. Treat your loved one to some of these delicious fairtrade chocolate hearts! Pop in to see our full selection.


Fairtrade Fortnight

This year, Fairtrade fortnight is happening from 23rd February. Let us know if you are running any events that we can help to promote. We have several bilingual resources in the shop for promoting events and campaigning too so let us know if you would like to have some.
Perhaps you could think about asking your child’s school or your church or local group whether they use fairtrade tea and coffee – Fair Do’s provides catering packs of both. A small change like that can make a big difference!

Easter Eggs

It’s a few weeks away yet, but if you’re already thinking about those lovely fairtrade eggs then you can order some from Fair Do’s! We stock a wide selection of eggs including Divine and Green & Black’s. Let us know by 10th March if you would like to place an order!

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