Supplier Feature: Denur Handcrafts

If you have ever wanted to know more about the suppliers behind our products, we hope you will enjoy this small feature. It is our aim to bring you more features on some of our main suppliers.

This time, the focus is on Denur Handcrafts (most of this information comes directly from their website www.denurcrafts.org)


Denur Crafts is a small group of people in Kenya who produce handicrafts, specifically jewellery. The group has been growing since 1994 when it began with just 4 women – it currently consists of 38 people.

The method and criteria of recruitment is very simple – one has to have skills to work by hand and need extra income. One must also have the possibility to work from their own home environment. Women with children, who find themselves jobless are given first priority. Men can also be members of the group though it is essentially a women’s group.

The vision of the business is to create employment and incomes for unemployed people in the country, especially mothers. It aims to give mothers the means to send their children to school and give them an acceptable standard of living.

Our contact at Denur Crafts is Leah Mitula, who was a guest speaker at the Fair Do’s fashion show a few years ago. Leah’s son, Dean, attended the University of South Wales – here they both are at Fair Do’s on a visit a few years ago:


Leah stays with Jan when she is travelling in the UK and has become a very good friend to us all. Denur products are always very popular at Fair Do’s – particularly the beautiful brightly-coloured soapstone dishes. Here are a few examples of the Denur Crafts products we sell, alongside some of the beautiful jewellery you can see pictured on their website.


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