500 miles for Fair Trade

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay
Monday 1st November

There are currently an astounding 499 fair trade towns in the UK. To celebrate the milestone of 500 towns, Wales Millennium Centre will be hosting an event on Monday 1st November.

At the event, cyclists who have completed a 500-mile ride from Scotland to Wales will be welcomed. This cycle ride is taking place in around 10 stages and will be calling in at various places that are significant to fair trade. The final one stage stretches from Ammanford (the first fair trade town in Wales) to Cardiff (the first fair trade capital city.)

There will be a live announcement of the 500th UK fair trade town on the night – you could be there to join in celebrating this wonderful achievement.

Admission is free and all are welcome. As well as stalls and crafts, there will be refreshments, music and much more. You can drop in anytime throughout the evening.

You can also help us to promote this event by clicking the links below to download a poster in Welsh or English to display in your school, church, community centre or even just your front window.

Parti Taith Feiciau Masnach Deg

Fairtrade Bike Ride Party