Meet the producers in Fair Trade Fortnight

Fair Trade Fortnight is nearly upon us and we have plenty of exciting events to look forward to. A particular highlight for Fair Do’s will be the planned visit of olive producers from Palestine. These producers provide olives for Zaytoun, who during last year’s FT14 launched the first ever olive oil with the fair trade mark.

Our visitors will be with us in the shop on Tuesday 2nd March at 10.30am. All are welcome to come and meet them to find out about their trade and how you can help them by buying their fair trade products.

We look forward to seeing you there!

P.S.  Help us promote this event by downloading the poster here

–STOP PRESS– 25th Feb:

We had hoped to be joined by the farmers who grow the olives in Palestine but sadly they have not been granted entry to the UK for fairtrade fortnight. We will be joined instead by Haitham Hasasneh and Thomas Cazalis, both of whom are involved in the production of the world’s first fair trade olive oil. Haitham is the Livelihood Project Manager for Oxfam GB in Palestine. Through his role he strengthens Oxfam’s technical capacity to prepare for and respond to food and livelihood insecurity in Palestinian territories. Thomas is the coordinator of the olive oil program for the Palestinian Farmers Union. Both will be engaging speakers and offer great insight into this work.