Fair Do’s say ‘Pants to Poverty’

Following a successful run in 2008, Fair Do’s are once again stocking a range from Pants to Poverty, the completely ethical and fairly-traded pants company.

Pants to Poverty

This unique organisation buy their materials from a farmer-owned company in the cotton heartlands of India. The pants are then produced at an ethical factory in India which provides a fair wage for its workers, many of whom are women. Not only this but Pants to Poverty also fund special projects with income generated from the sales of these pants, such as the world’s first child-labour free cotton seed production project. Their claim that they are totally ethical ‘from grain to groin’ really does stand up!

This might already sound like a great product to you, but Fair Do’s goes even further. We have a specially commissioned range in the shop which includes a Welsh Dragon print and bilingual slogan! So come down to visit us at the shop and buy a unique gift for the man in your life.

To find out more about Pants to Poverty, visit their website by clicking here.